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by Andrew on 2017/11/21

At the risk of stating a grave cliché, it must be said that the internet has penetrated every section of society, in most countries around the world. It doesn’t, then, come as a surprise that Australia casinos online manage to strike a certain chord of comfort and familiarity with most of the players today.

Online casinos UkOnline casinos provide unprecedented convenience and ease of access that is a necessity for today’s life in the fast lane.

One only has to take a look at the online casino market to see the sheer variety in options. Out of these myriads of options, here are some of the best and most trusted online casinos.


InterCasino is hugely popular in the UK, as well as the rest of Europe and Australia. With highly secure transaction policies, it offers a very safe and comfortable environment for players to indulge in their favourite games. A wide range of currency conversion options, quick pay-outs and availability of the latest slots are some of the plus points for InterCasino.

7 Sultans Casino

7 Sultans Casino has been in the online gaming industry for over 15 years. With an immaculate track record of transparency and safe operations, it has managed to garner a certain level of trust with online gamblers. It offers a wide range of withdrawal and deposit options, prompt helpline that’s on around the clock, wide range of slots and card games and easy-to-play live dealer games.

Virgin Casino

Based in Gibraltar and operated by the famous Virgin Group of Companies, Virgin Casino is a great choice for online gaming and gambling for enthusiasts in the UK and Ireland. It offers the best of Microgaming and NetEnt games with promotions that are guaranteed to keep gamers coming back for more.

The Fun Never Stops at Roxy Palace

by Andrew on 2017/09/26

Prestige is a word that all too often gets thrown around in the online casino business; however until now it is often fallen rather short of the mark. Of course, every casino out-there competing for the custom of hundreds of thousands of willing gamblers; who are logging in and looking for the next big thing every single day of the week, will use whatever words necessary to bring in the punters. The reality is however that a very small margin of these platforms will actually deliver.


Roxy Palace has been guilty of this kind of hyperbole in the past, tacking on some rather inflammatory adjectives to their various bonus schemes and offers, and as a response receiving some rather inflammatory feedback from disgruntled customers.

This time though, the site appears to have hit the nail directly on the head with the ushering in of their new offer: a princely 100% match bonus of up to £25 to your mobile account on deposits made via either their desktop service or through their downloadable software.

What makes this bait even juicier is the ease you will experience in getting your mitts on it! In order to secure the complimentary £25 bonus simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Transfer two deposits via the desktop service or via the casinos software of at least £10 each
  • Make a deposit via the mobile site to receive your bonus

As always, it’s good to know just what it is you’re signing up for, so to speak. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of outlining some of the more important terms and conditions of this offer:

  • The offer only stands for the initial 48 hours following the initial two deposits
  • Minimum deposits of £10
  • The cap on bonus rewarded stands at £25
  • UK players only

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The Best Hollywood Casino in Vegas

by Andrew on 2017/08/02

Planet-Hollywood-Hotel-Las-VegasIt seems like there are casinos for everyone these days. You can find casinos along the Las Vegas strip with all sorts of different gimmicks to lure in gamblers. However, there is only one casino in Las Vegas that truly allows you to gamble with the stars. This casino is the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. This casino is themed after all of the famous celebrities in Hollywood. Also, this is the casino that rejects the typical designs of casinos in Las Vegas. Instead, it opts for lots of sleek glass and neon lights to give the casino and resort a true Hollywood feel. The rooms also have a unique purple flair designed to play to Hollywood eccentricities. There truly isn’t another casino like it in all of Las Vegas.

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino opened originally as The Tally-Ho in 1963. The casino’s business bumbled along for only two years before being reopened as King’s Crown in 1965. This reincarnation of the casino only lasted a year before being renamed Aladdin in 1966. Finding success, Aladdin lasted through the rest of the century. It was then renovated and reopened in 2000 under the name New Aladdin. Finally, the resort was renovated and rebranded as the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in 2007. This rebranding included an enlarged casino, new restaurants, a new nightclub, and additional retail space.

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino boasts 2,600 hotel rooms and 100,000 square feet of excellent gaming space. Plenty of Hollywood regulars perform at the casino. Performers include Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. Additionally, star Hollywood chef Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant located in the resort that offers top level burgers, french fries, and milkshakes. The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is a great destination for those interested in gambling like the stars!

Five Evergreen Movies Based on Gambling

by Andrew on 2017/05/09

If you question a gambler asking what the fuss is all about, you’ll get plenty of different answers. Some say it’s the uncertainty and excitement, while others are attracted to the money and prestige. Therefore, several factors can serve as motivation for betting everything on a long shot. However, if one plays the odds for a long period of time, they are bound to face losses. This is where movies based on gambling come into the frame.

The thrill of opportunity and luck are the driving forces behind majority of the gambling movies. The protagonists in such movies constantly win or lose or are involved in chance situations which make the plot extremely exciting. Here is a list of the five evergreen gambling movies made till date:

Best gambling movies of all times

  1. Casino

casino_moviesCasino, an American crime feature film was made in 1995 by Martin Scorsese. The movie is essentially based on the story of a non-fiction book authored by Nicholas Pileggi. Greed, money, murder, deception and power underlie the plot of the movie which is based on two mobster friends, a trophy wife and a huge gambling empire.

  1. Rounders

Made in 1998, Rounders takes you to the underground life associated with high-stakes poker. The film stars Edward Norton and Matt Damon. Both of them end up earning a huge amount of money quickly for paying off a big debt.

  1. The Sting

In the September of 1936 in Chicago, a conman joins a master leading a major con for winning a fortune right off under the nose of an illicit banker.

  1. Ocean’s Eleven

The 2001 movie is the story of Danny Ocean, who along with his 11 accomplices makes a plan to steal from three casinos in Las Vegas simultaneously.

  1. High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story

This movie is based on the life story of Stu “The Kid” Ungar, a poker legend.

UK Sports Betting

by Andrew on 2017/05/02

UK Sports betting operations in Europe constitutes a rather large proportion of the gambling industry within the nation as a whole. As one of the world’s flagship nations in the ongoing development and flourishing of this pursuit which is loved by so many all over the globe, the UK has found itself as somewhat of a taste maker when it comes to setting new standards and abolishing those which have become old and irrelevant.

UK Sports bettingOn top of this status as a leading pioneer in competitive wagering, particularly as far as sports contests are concerned, the United Kingdom is also home to some of the world’s most successful sports betting companies. Known colloquially as ‘bookmakers’, these companies have a very strong foothold within the towns and cities of the country, not to mention in overseas territories. Some of the most well-known and successful bookmakers firms in the country have a long and rich history extending back to the foundation of the standardisation of the sports-related practice in the early 20th century.

It is not uncommon for one British main street to host in excess of two or three different shops, or for one town to have more than one shop representative of the same company! Such is the scale of popularity for sports wagering in the United Kingdom, that it has become an intrinsic part of the nation’s fabric.

As sports themed betting has made the evolutionary leap from offline and physical formats over to digital, internet-based mediums and hosts, the United Kingdom has continued to lead the way. Many, in fact most if not all of the UK’s domestic bookmakers are now represented in an online capacity in one way or another and were among the very first in the world to set up shop on the world wide web.

The Wild Card Movie Review

by Andrew on 2017/03/21

Wild CardThe Wild Card is not a typical Jason Statham movie. It is so because it is not just action sequences and car chases. This new movie is more character-driven but does contain some nice action scenes. But it is based in Las Vegas and the wild rides happen not on the streets but inside the casino; on blackjack tables. Wild Card opened in the UK on 20th March.

The plot

Jason Statham plays a bodyguard named Nick Wild with grandiose dream. He wishes to earn $500,000 and go live on a boat in Corsica. He is lethal as a body guard but he has some issues also such as gambling and vodka addictions. He ends up fighting a mob at the start of the movie for an old girlfriend. The mob boss is now after Nick who is readying himself for one last blackjack game to fulfil his life-long dream. He seems to be doing well on the blackjack table but because of his gambling problem he is not able to stop and walk away with his winnings – until the suspense of the last card on the table.

The good and the bad

Wild Card shows audiences a different side of Statham. It is not only fast car chases on the wild streets of Vegas. The casino scenes are focussed on the game and not just the glamour. It is more about a broody character and less about one fast-paced action scene after another as expected of a Statham flick. But fans might be disappointed as no scene is flashed out to showcase the character well. There is also no Las Vegas charm as portrayed in the movies. Statham fans must have expected bloody fights given as he plays a bodyguard in Vegas. But what we get is a few fight scenes and more wild action on the blackjack tables. After all it is Wild Card and not wild cars.

Rumor: Al Pacino Marvel Bound

by Andrew on 2017/02/14

Gossip and rumors continue to circulate around the notion of legendary actor Al Pacino accepting a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a matter of when rather than if.

The Story So Far

Al_PacinoRumors that Marvel Studios were on the verge of landing some big fish began circulating in 2013, and then news broke that Robert Redford had accepted the role of Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The rumors persisted, however, and then fans learned that Michael Douglas had landed the role of iconic Marvel scientist, and polarizing character, Hank Pym. Still, the rumors persisted.

The Al Pacino News

Then out of ether came the rumor that Al Pacino was considering a Marvel role. The news came out of left field, and the idea seemed a bit preposterous to many, but then Pacino confirmed in an interview that he had met with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, whom he referred to as “the Marvel guy.” Pacino even mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy calling it inventive, funny and strong. His phone then rang during the interview, at which point he quipped it was the studio calling to tell him to shut up. That may have been just a joke or it may have been an indication that there was already a role in mind.

What the Future Holds

Although having the 75-year-old legend in a Marvel movie may seem odd to some, many of us remember him as Big Boy Caprice in the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. That movie rarely worked well as a whole, but it demonstrated that Pacino’s often over-the-top style was right at home in the comic book landscape. Perhaps one of the most interesting rumors is that he would play the father of Star-Lord in the upcoming sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy film that Pacino mentioned.

Hit TV Show Game of Thrones Heads for IMAX

by Andrew on 2017/01/31

Game of Thrones Season FourA number of theaters in the United States (and eventually around the world) will show two episodes from the critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones. The final two episodes of Game of Thrones Season Four will be shown in IMAX, along with a few sneak peeks from season five.

HBO is looking to further monetize the incredible popularity of the show, which has some of the highest viewing figures on cable. They have cleverly picked the last two episodes of season four, which include plenty of incredible battle scenes that will translate well to the IMAX format.

Even though the two episodes were not filmed in IMAX, both HBO and IMAX are excited about the possibility of airing this television show on the big screen. Even though the concept is not as innovative as they are suggesting, it is a great way to build up fan interest for the fifth season.

This is a great marketing and financial ploy from IMAX and HBO. IMAX knows that Game of Thrones fans will flock to their theaters to see these episodes. It is also cost effective because the episodes are already paid for. There is very little added cost associated with broadcasting the content on an IMAX screen.

Another reason to enjoy this Game of Thrones IMAX broadcast is the idea of watching a television show with a lot of people. Television shows may have increased in budget and quality over the past few years, but it is still a medium that people enjoy alone and at home. By adding Game of Thrones to the big screen, HBO is letting the show’s fans enjoy these episodes in a common setting.

Both IMAX and HBO deserve a lot of credit for this joint venture. If it is successful, expect more Game of Thrones episodes to air at your local IMAX theater in the future.

Bump into Top Celebrities During Your Stay in Las Vegas

by Andrew on 2016/12/20

Do you like indulging in celebrity spotting every time you go on a holiday to Las Vegas? Is it one of your primary reasons of going to the various casinos and night clubs in Vegas? Have you heard of celebs partying in the Sin City, but never got a chance to see them? Well, here is your guide to celebrity spotting in Las Vegas with details of all the hot spots where celebs hang out and party when in Vegas.

Las Vegas

Know where to go to see celebs

Celebrities from all over the world go to Las Vegas to party, let their hair down and have a great time. If you really want to see some big names from the movie and music industry having the time of their lives, head over to these chosen few nightclubs and resorts. You are sure to come back with stories of all the celebs you spotted for your friends back home.

Top three celeb hangouts in Sin City

Tao is a nightclub, bistro and beach resort that attracts some social heavyweights. It is a great place to chill out and dine on some amazing Asian food at their rooftop restaurant. Singer and performer Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Mark Anthony, actress Kate Welsh are a few celebs who have thrown lavish parties at the venue.

The Luxor hotel houses LAX nightclub, one of the most happening places and celeb hot-spot in Vegas. The club is owned partly by singer Christina Aguilera and is usually populated by big names from the music industry, including musicians, managers and music company moguls. You can also find famous illusionist Criss Angel here often.

Then there is the Palms Las Vegas resorts and its magnificent restaurant, the N9NE Steakhouse. The restaurant has mouth-wateringly enormous seafood platters and desserts to die for. They do not have a VIP section, which means this is probably one of the places where it is easiest to spot celebs up close. Some big names including Hugh Hefner and U.S. President Obama have enjoyed the culinary offering here.

Phil Ivey’s Edge-Sorting Lawsuits

by Andrew on 2016/11/13

In a case that’s certain to grab the interest of professionals and amateurs around the world, 10-time World Series of Poker winner Phil Ivey, often considered the greatest poker player in the world, is suing Crockfords in London for £7.7 in winnings from Punto Banco that the casino has denied him. At the same time, The Borgata in Atlantic City is suing him for $9.6 million, money the casino claims Ivey owes in light of cheating allegations.

Phil IveyThe cases, quite interestingly, come down not to a question of ‘what Ivey has done’ but rather ‘what constitutes cheating in professional poker’. Ivey freely admits to utilizing various factors to gain an edge in playing games of Punto Banco, arguing that these grey-area tactics are necessary to overcome the inherent house edge and win money.

At both casinos, Phil Ivey requested very specific things for his games: A specific brand of cards, an Asian card dealer, a shuffling machine, and repeat card decks. He utilized an edge-sorting strategy, taking note of certain patterns on the backs of cards to give him insight.

Obviously, edge-sorting is a contentious issue in the world of gambling—one where the definition of ‘cheating’ depends wholly on who is winning and who is losing money on the prospect. As the winner, it’s clear that Ivey feels he’s done nothing wrong. And as the losers, the casinos clearly take issue with the strategy.

The strategy certainly isn’t failproof, as Phil Ivey himself attests. “No system is fail-safe, and each time I play, I risk failing to execute the strategy properly — some of these are very complex or difficult to execute — which usually results in me losing a lot of money.”

He went on to say “I consider all the strategies I use to be lawful, and I would never cheat in a casino. It is not in my nature to cheat, and nor would I risk my reputation by acting unlawfully in any manner.”

Whether the courts agree with his interpretation of the rules or the casinos’ will certainly be of great interest to card players everywhere.

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