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Best Online Casinos

by Andrew on 2017/11/21

At the risk of stating a grave cliché, it must be said that the internet has penetrated every section of society, in most countries around the world. It doesn’t, then, come as a surprise that Australia casinos online manage to strike a certain chord of comfort and familiarity with most of the players today. Online […]

The Best Hollywood Casino in Vegas

by Andrew on 2017/08/02

It seems like there are casinos for everyone these days. You can find casinos along the Las Vegas strip with all sorts of different gimmicks to lure in gamblers. However, there is only one casino in Las Vegas that truly allows you to gamble with the stars. This casino is the Planet Hollywood Resort and […]

Five Evergreen Movies Based on Gambling

by Andrew on 2017/05/09

If you question a gambler asking what the fuss is all about, you’ll get plenty of different answers. Some say it’s the uncertainty and excitement, while others are attracted to the money and prestige. Therefore, several factors can serve as motivation for betting everything on a long shot. However, if one plays the odds for […]

UK Sports Betting

by Andrew on 2017/05/02

UK Sports betting operations in Europe constitutes a rather large proportion of the gambling industry within the nation as a whole. As one of the world’s flagship nations in the ongoing development and flourishing of this pursuit which is loved by so many all over the globe, the UK has found itself as somewhat of […]

The Wild Card Movie Review

by Andrew on 2017/03/21

The Wild Card is not a typical Jason Statham movie. It is so because it is not just action sequences and car chases. This new movie is more character-driven but does contain some nice action scenes. But it is based in Las Vegas and the wild rides happen not on the streets but inside the […]

Rumor: Al Pacino Marvel Bound

by Andrew on 2017/02/14

Gossip and rumors continue to circulate around the notion of legendary actor Al Pacino accepting a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a matter of when rather than if. The Story So Far Rumors that Marvel Studios were on the verge of landing some big fish began circulating in 2013, and then news broke […]

Five Gambling Movie Scenes That Make No Sense

by Andrew on 2016/08/11

Gambling scenarios in movies are thrilling and make for wide-eyed plot twists and intriguing moments steeped in drama. However, several films make errors with the game play, sometimes big and at times small. Here are five instances of gambling gone seriously wrong in major motion pictures. 21 Directed by Robert Luketic, 21 covers young college […]

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