Hit TV Show Game of Thrones Heads for IMAX

by Andrew on 2017/01/31

Game of Thrones Season FourA number of theaters in the United States (and eventually around the world) will show two episodes from the critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones. The final two episodes of Game of Thrones Season Four will be shown in IMAX, along with a few sneak peeks from season five.

HBO is looking to further monetize the incredible popularity of the show, which has some of the highest viewing figures on cable. They have cleverly picked the last two episodes of season four, which include plenty of incredible battle scenes that will translate well to the IMAX format.

Even though the two episodes were not filmed in IMAX, both HBO and IMAX are excited about the possibility of airing this television show on the big screen. Even though the concept is not as innovative as they are suggesting, it is a great way to build up fan interest for the fifth season.

This is a great marketing and financial ploy from IMAX and HBO. IMAX knows that Game of Thrones fans will flock to their theaters to see these episodes. It is also cost effective because the episodes are already paid for. There is very little added cost associated with broadcasting the content on an IMAX screen.

Another reason to enjoy this Game of Thrones IMAX broadcast is the idea of watching a television show with a lot of people. Television shows may have increased in budget and quality over the past few years, but it is still a medium that people enjoy alone and at home. By adding Game of Thrones to the big screen, HBO is letting the show’s fans enjoy these episodes in a common setting.

Both IMAX and HBO deserve a lot of credit for this joint venture. If it is successful, expect more Game of Thrones episodes to air at your local IMAX theater in the future.

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