Britney Spears Boosts Planet Hollywood’s Revenues

by Andrew on 2016/10/19

Pop princess of years gone by, Britney Spears has established herself as Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino star runner and crowd pulling show stopper. Britney’s decorated career took a new direction when she first signed a two year contract with Planet Hollywood in 2013.

The announcement had fans pouring in to watch the hit pop star perform her popular hit numbers. Ever since their initial startup with the debut of Britney’s new album Piece of Me, on stage, the establishment has seen a marked increase in revenue.

The Britney revitalization

britney_spearsDespite the failure of her latest album ‘Britney Jean’, Spears has conquered the hearts of fans and faithful followers with her stunning performances and incredible stage presence. Before Britney could step into her role as resident performer and entertainer at the famed casino, the establishment was taken over by Caesar’s entertainment, after initial owners failed to make mortgage payments.

With a well-renowned name like Britney Spears on the entertainment list, the casino’s net earnings have jumped up by around $20 million. This veritable mutually successful venture has led Britney to extend her contract for an additional two years. Fans will be delighted by prospects of being able to see continue to Spears perform at the resort and casino venue until 2017.

Overall boost

Spears has turned things around for Planet Hollywood with the excitement and allure her performances bring. The once financially failing and dismal institution has been revived with a complete and absolute turn around with sales and bookings like never before.

An instrumental presence that has fans make a bee line for the resort, Spears has boosted profits earned by copious amount. In keeping with the pace and rate of growth, the organization is set to revamp their establishment to suit more modern tastes.

Future plans include major upgrades and overall renovation of rooms and pools in the resort. A fresh and modern take on the Quad will see it transformed into Linq hotel an attractive space for patrons to be entertained and enjoy fun nights at the tables or watching their favourite pop star.

Brad Pitt, Scott Eastwood Have On Set Problems

by Andrew on 2016/09/27

Brad Pitt has been busy filming his upcoming movie, Fury, but the actor took time out to talk to the press about life on set. He recalls a moment on set where he had an altercation with fellow actor Scott Eastwood. Pitt said that he thought Eastwood was “disrespecting the set”.Brad Pitts FuryPitt and Eastwood, along with fellow actor Shia LaBeouf, were filming a scene in a military tank. Pitt refers to the tank as “home” in the story. He said that they were talking and filming for the cameras, with Scott Eastwood repeatedly spitting juice on the tank’s floor. Pitt took exception to the spitting, which he thought was a sign of Eastwood disrespecting the set and the material they had to work with.

Instead of taking a calm approach, Pitt began shouting at Eastwood about the situation, saying that the actor better be prepared to “clean that **** up” after he was done spitting. Eastwood was very police in response, saying very little. Perhaps he knew that he was just doing his job.

Brad was not aware that their director, David Ayer, had instructed Scott Eastwood to repeatedly spit on the tank’s floor as part of filming the scene. Eastwood was just doing his job to the best of his ability, which Pitt did not realize. He later apologized profusely for the incident, calling it a complete misunderstanding on his part. “I realized that I was being a knob and I went to Eastwood and apologized the next day. It was only after I went back home and read the script that I realized he was only doing what the director wanted,” said Pitt.

The famous actor also had praise for his other co-star, Shia LaBeouf. He referred to LaBeouf as “one of the best in the business”, saying that no one got in character as well as Shia.

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Five Gambling Movie Scenes That Make No Sense

by Andrew on 2016/08/11

Gambling in Movies

Gambling scenarios in movies are thrilling and make for wide-eyed plot twists and intriguing moments steeped in drama.

However, several films make errors with the game play, sometimes big and at times small. Here are five instances of gambling gone seriously wrong in major motion pictures.

  • 21

Directed by Robert Luketic, 21 covers young college students motivated by a Math professor to count cards and win at Blackjack. Throughout the movie, the students are taught to keep a running count of their cards. However, all gambling pros know that to have a better idea of your odds, it is best to keep a true count at the table.

  • Rounders

A classic gambler’s movie, Rounders starring Matt Damon makes continual mistakes during poker play with characters stringing their bets. This kind of bet involves increasing stakes repeatedly with every round. Although it works well for dramatic effect, professional poker players would always stay away from making such a call.

  • The Cincinnati Kid


A classic poker film released in 1965, it covers the story of a hot-headed poker player who believes he is the best. This movie throws complete disregard to fundamental poker rules, with bets adding up on the table to unrealistic amounts. In real life however, even high-stakes poker games have fixed limits.

  • Casino Royale

The undoubtable charm of Bond begins to have an effect on the card stack used during the film. As in the final showdown, Bond is dealt a series of winning hands, one after the other, a feat that completely defies real odds.

  • Maverick

The character of Maverick practices one of the biggest faux-pas at any poker table – slow rolling. Abusively talking to opponents during a card game is considered inappropriate at any card table.

Tobey Maguire is an Unpopular Poker Player

by Andrew on 2016/07/26

The man is best known for his performances as Peter Market in the Spider Man trilogy, but Tobey Maguire has also made a name for himself on the poker circuit. He is a self-professed poker addict, yet he has rarely been in financial trouble as a result of playing the game. He is said to be very good at poker, often winning big at elite games in L.A. and New York.

Maguire was recently described as “a terrible tipper, a great player, but a horrible loser,” by someone who used to organize high end games for famous actors. The story is part of a piece that Vanity Fair did on Molly Bloom, a former waitress turned poker game organizer.

Tobey Maguire

Bloom started off waiting tables at clubs and bars, but ended up forming a network of contacts that helped her make more than $60,000 a night for organizing high end poker games. Everything started off great for Bloom, but she said that things turned sour when Maguire learned about how much money she was making.

There was an incident where Maguire is said to have yelled at Bloom in front of other players, barking at her to “act like a seal begging for a piece of fish” if she wanted a $1,000 chip from him. When she attempted to laugh off his comment, he became angrier, claiming that she was now “too rich” to “sing for her supper”.

Maguire is also said to have refused to play games unless his $20,000 Shuffle Master machine was present. This machine is said to automatically shuffle the cards, eliminating any type of cheating. Bloom was fine with this request, until Maguire said she should pay him to rent the machine for each game. She was flabbergasted that he wanted her to pay him for a machine that he was insisting on using.

The story of Bloom is quite an impressive one. She managed to reach a position where she was organizing games on a daily basis all around the United States. However, nothing lasts forever and her poker group was eventually broken up by the police. She was arrested in connection with a money laundering case involving the Russian mob. A plea deal was reached and Bloom vowed never to be involved with poker again.

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Play like The King of Mafia with Gamesys’s GodFather Games

by Andrew on 2016/05/17

Bringing casino players and thrilling crime drama fans an offer they can’t refuse, Gamesys recently launched its Godfather themed slot game. Perhaps inspired by the idea of entertainment being a big factor in casino games, the Gamesys themed slot game does not disappoint in the least. The GodFather Slot

A brilliant replica of the classic Hollywood blockbuster, The Godather slot released on Jackpot Joy, lets players get down to the gaming business and have themselves a very pleasant time.

Players have to progress through the game by collecting achievements that help unlock special reel features and bonuses. Skilled players who manage to unlock more than three achievements are placed first in line to gain early access of the Godfather themed game slot when released.

Interestingly, the game is based on three key story features of the Godfather’s world, namely, Family, Respect, and Money.


At this stage, players can hope to win large sums in prize money just by gathering family members together. The object is to collect Philip Tattaglia, Luca Brazi and the Godfather – Don Corleone symbols together and merge them to form the ‘Family Business’ symbol.


Respect brings you great treats in the Godfather slot game. Win instant 5 wild symbols added to the reel with the respect feature that allows players the opportunity to increase winnings enormously. It also lets players substitute all symbols on the reel, except bonus ones.


The Godfather himself, Don Vito Corleone, makes players an enticing offer in the Money feature. Every time a player wins the wedding spin, he/she is offered the choice of accepting the winning profits, or to continue with the bonus of a mystery multiplier added to the final win.

The mystery multiplier can be anything between 2 and 20 times the final win. Playing the Godfather slot is a real gamble and riotous fun.

Wedding Free Spins is an additional bonus that rewards players the opportunity to gain an unlimited number of free spins.

Ben Affleck Banned From Hard Rock Cafe For Life

by Andrew on 2016/04/01

Everyone knows that where there’s a movie star, there’s money, and a lot of it. Sometimes these celebrities have so much money that they don’t know what to do with it, and that’s when they turn to gambling. Ben Affleck is not only a well-known name in Hollywood, but also in the blackjack and poker circles of Vegas.

hard rock hotelFor years Affleck has been one of those stars who is often caught by the paparazzi in the bright casinos on the Vegas strip, but on April 29th, he may have pushed his luck just a little too far. The actor was banned for life from the black jack table at Hard Rock Café in Vegas for allegedly counting cards. Although counting cards isn’t illegal, most casinos forbid it. The Hard Rock Cafe saw Ben as an “advantaged player”, and arranged for a car service to take him back to his hotel after politely asking him to leave. However, they made sure to stress that Affleck is welcome back to the casino any time – just as long as he avoids the black jack tables.

The Hard Rock Café has been a favorite of Affleck’s for years. In one night alone in 2001 he raked in $800,000 in one game there by playing three simultaneous $20,000 hands. Black jack has always been a specialty of Affleck’s, but he has been known to dabble in poker as well. In the past Ben has been reported to host poker nights with some of the biggest A-list names in Hollywood. Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey MaGuire are all regulars.

Affleck was even serious enough about the game to enlist lessons from professionals like Annie Duke, a World Series of Poker winner and the leading money winner among women in WSOP history. This tutoring paid off in 2004 when Ben Affleck won the Commerce Casino’s California State Poker Championship, netting over $350,000 and a spot in the next years Poker World Tour Championship. Is Affleck planning to seriously pursue a professional poker career? It doesn’t seem so. In an interview with Duke in 2005, she stated that Ben “has the talent to become a fixture in the Poker world, but not the time or inclination.” Looks like Ben will be sticking to his movie star role for just a while longer.

Cate Blanchett Hits the Jackpot With Blue Jasmine

by Andrew on 2016/03/08

On Sunday, March 2, Australia enjoyed a place in the Oscar spotlight yet again. Cate Blanchett, already an Oscar winner for her supporting role in The Aviator (2004), surprised almost no one when she took home the golden guy for her star turn in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

When Daniel Day-Lewis read Blanchett’s name aloud, more than one better breathed a sigh of unnecessary relief: the odds were ever in Cate’s favor. Other good-as-gold roles that more than proved her natural talent include:

  • Cate BlanchettQueen Elizabeth in Elizabeth (1998) & Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)
  • Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit movies
  • Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator (2004)
  • Bob Dylan/Jude Quinn in I’m Not There (2007)
  • Daisy Fuller in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
  • Meredith Logue in The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

Her latest grand prize joins a host of other acting awards Cate Blanchett has received throughout the years. It wasn’t until Blue Jasmine, however, that the accolades really started pouring in. Her performance earned her top acting honors from the coveted Australian Academy of Cinema and Television (AACTA), the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and even the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which bestowed the third Golden Globe of her career.

Ever the down-to-earth Aussie at heart, Cate spent the very next day at a tattoo parlor with someone from the same category she dominated: fellow Best Actress nominee Amy Adams (American Hustle), who has more than enough practice losing gracefully. The two women and their husbands visited the Shamrock Social Club tattoo for a spot of good luck ink. While the freshly minted Best Actress winner emerged with a bandage over her wrist, Adams was either there for moral support or chose more discreet real estate, because she seemed just as ink-free as before.

Celebrity Charity Soccer-Aid a Huge Success

by Andrew on 2016/03/08

Every year celebrities from around the world gather to play a charity game in the United Kingdom, with proceeds going to a charity of their choosing. This year’s Soccer-Aid delivered all proceeds to Unicef. The event is held at Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, with a team of English celebrities and ex-footballers taking on their counterparts from the Rest of the World. The English team was managed by West Ham coach Sam Allardyce, while Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho coached the Rest of the World team.

England –

The celebrities on show for the England team included Robbie Williams, Stephen Moyer, Olly Murs, and John Bishop. They were joined by ex players Jamie Carragher, Jamie Redknapp, David Seaman and Matt Le Tissier

Rest of the World –

James McAvoy, Gordon Ramsay, Michael Sheen, Mark Salling, and Jeremy Renner made up the celebrity portion for the rest of the world. They were supplemented by some world class ex players, including the likes of Alex Del Piero, Andriy Shevchenko, Edgar Davids, Jaap Stam, Edwin van der Sar and Clarence Seedorf.

The game was very exciting for the crowd of 65,500 that turned up to Old Trafford. The rest of the world dominated for most of the game, with ex AC Milan and Real Madrid player Clarence Seedorf scoring a hat trick. Jamie Redknapp and Kevin Phillips pulled goals back for England, but they were beaten 4-2.

There was a particularly entertaining moment in the first half when Rest of the World coach Jose Mourinho came onto the pitch and tripped singer Oly Murs, bringing huge cheers from the crowd.

The football portion of the evening was great fun, with a substantial TV audience watching the game on ITV1. From a charity point of view, Soccer-Aid was a smash success, raising more than 4 million pounds for UNICEF. This game highlighted how much money can be raised for charity when people donate collectively.

For more information about Soccer-Aid and other UNICEF charities, click here.

Sunday Prime: Ally Squire and Paul Senter Finish 1-2

by Andrew on 2016/02/05

Despite having a very low buy in compared to other major tournaments, the Sunday Prime at iPoker Network is very popular among major players. This week’s event saw 1,298 players taking part, with a prize pool of close to 50,000 euros. This day belonged to the British contingent, and a majority of that prize money is now in their bank accounts.

Online-pokerAlly Squire, better known by his screen name of ownerfunkyt0wn, got the biggest win of his online career. He won 8,000 euros and is going to be a lot higher in next week’s online poker rankings. This was a big event for Squire, who has shown promise but never delivered a consistent level of performance when it mattered.

Another British man who had a great day was Paul Senter, or Senta999, who got through in second place and won 6,000 euros. His day was just as impressive, and he presented a very difficult challenge for squire to overcome.

Keith Cummins, or Whassup999, had a great Sunday. He finished in a respectable ninth position at the Sunday Prime, winning 500 euros. However, his real success came at the Sunday Masters event (150 euro buy in) where he won close to 4,000 euros.

Another Brit who enjoyed his afternoon’s poker work was Nelius Foley (TheLAstCook) who took home a little more than 3,000 euros at the Sunday Warm-Up event (50 euro buy in).

PokerStars: Plenty of Near Misses

Unfortunately, this week was not a great time for British players at the PokerStars event. We are usually used to seeing big wins from Brits, but most of them fell short of their expectations at the Sunday 500 and Sunday Million events. “Chaz D 87” managed to win $24,000 with fifth place at the Sunday 500, while “easylimp” came in sixth place and won $18,000.

“OJLimpsinn” got to within the final table for the $260,000 first prize at the Sunday Million event, but he had to settle for $12,000 and ninth place. He will be hoping to do better at future events.

For more details about the exploits of British players this week, click here.

New Casino Films Show a Different Side of Gambling

by Kristy Abott on 2016/01/02


The gambling and casino lifestyle has captured the imagination of Hollywood filmmakers since the days of silent movies, and continues to do so. The recent and tragic death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has renewed interest in gritty gambling films such as Hard Eight and Owning Mahoney. Director Rupert Wyatt is currently busy with his remake of The Gambler, starring Mark Wahlberg and Brie Larson. Two other diametrically opposed films about gambling are also making headlines for vastly different reason.

From Vegas to Macau

Hong Kong director Wong Jing is a celebrated filmmaker who is often referred to as the “Godfather of Chinese Gambling Films.” Jing’s films show gambling and casino action from every angle. Some of his films are pure glitz while others solely portray grit. His latest movie, From Vegas to Macau, is a comedy that actually started as a drama.

In an interview with the South China Morning Post, director Wong explained that From Vegas to Macau is a continuation of the film series that began with the classic God of Gamblers in 1989. Acclaimed Hollywood actor Chow Yun Fat plays Ken, a legendary casino regular who becomes embroiled in a complex criminal investigation. This pleasant movie presents the gambling lifestyle with a stylish and unbiased approach; something that cannot be said about a documentary film currently showing in Florida.

Pushing Luck

A politically charged short documentary aims to cast a negative light on the casino industry and even keep it out of Florida. Pushing Luck was produced by an anti-gambling coalition in the Sunshine State.

The current legislative landscape in Florida prevents the development of Las Vegas-style casinos within the state. The anti-gambling documentary was released at a time when the Genting Group is attempting to develop Resorts World Miami, a mega hotel, casino and entertainment center in the Magic City.

Florida is one of the world’s prime tourist destinations despite the state’s limited gambling options. The Malaysian Genting Group is willing to bet on Miami despite opposition from certain sectors. With the sheer number of Hollywood celebrities who either visit or live in South Beach and the Magic City, it remains to be seen if the Pushing Luck documentary will be able to contain the imminent rise of casinos in Florida.

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