Rumor: Al Pacino Marvel Bound

by Andrew on 2017/02/14

Gossip and rumors continue to circulate around the notion of legendary actor Al Pacino accepting a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a matter of when rather than if.

The Story So Far

Al_PacinoRumors that Marvel Studios were on the verge of landing some big fish began circulating in 2013, and then news broke that Robert Redford had accepted the role of Alexander Pierce in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The rumors persisted, however, and then fans learned that Michael Douglas had landed the role of iconic Marvel scientist, and polarizing character, Hank Pym. Still, the rumors persisted.

The Al Pacino News

Then out of ether came the rumor that Al Pacino was considering a Marvel role. The news came out of left field, and the idea seemed a bit preposterous to many, but then Pacino confirmed in an interview that he had met with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, whom he referred to as “the Marvel guy.” Pacino even mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy calling it inventive, funny and strong. His phone then rang during the interview, at which point he quipped it was the studio calling to tell him to shut up. That may have been just a joke or it may have been an indication that there was already a role in mind.

What the Future Holds

Although having the 75-year-old legend in a Marvel movie may seem odd to some, many of us remember him as Big Boy Caprice in the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. That movie rarely worked well as a whole, but it demonstrated that Pacino’s often over-the-top style was right at home in the comic book landscape. Perhaps one of the most interesting rumors is that he would play the father of Star-Lord in the upcoming sequel to the Guardians of the Galaxy film that Pacino mentioned.

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