The Best Hollywood Casino in Vegas

by Andrew on 2017/08/02

Planet-Hollywood-Hotel-Las-VegasIt seems like there are casinos for everyone these days. You can find casinos along the Las Vegas strip with all sorts of different gimmicks to lure in gamblers. However, there is only one casino in Las Vegas that truly allows you to gamble with the stars. This casino is the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. This casino is themed after all of the famous celebrities in Hollywood. Also, this is the casino that rejects the typical designs of casinos in Las Vegas. Instead, it opts for lots of sleek glass and neon lights to give the casino and resort a true Hollywood feel. The rooms also have a unique purple flair designed to play to Hollywood eccentricities. There truly isn’t another casino like it in all of Las Vegas.

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino opened originally as The Tally-Ho in 1963. The casino’s business bumbled along for only two years before being reopened as King’s Crown in 1965. This reincarnation of the casino only lasted a year before being renamed Aladdin in 1966. Finding success, Aladdin lasted through the rest of the century. It was then renovated and reopened in 2000 under the name New Aladdin. Finally, the resort was renovated and rebranded as the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in 2007. This rebranding included an enlarged casino, new restaurants, a new nightclub, and additional retail space.

The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino boasts 2,600 hotel rooms and 100,000 square feet of excellent gaming space. Plenty of Hollywood regulars perform at the casino. Performers include Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. Additionally, star Hollywood chef Gordon Ramsey has a restaurant located in the resort that offers top level burgers, french fries, and milkshakes. The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is a great destination for those interested in gambling like the stars!

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