The Wild Card Movie Review

by Andrew on 2017/03/21

Wild CardThe Wild Card is not a typical Jason Statham movie. It is so because it is not just action sequences and car chases. This new movie is more character-driven but does contain some nice action scenes. But it is based in Las Vegas and the wild rides happen not on the streets but inside the casino; on blackjack tables. Wild Card opened in the UK on 20th March.

The plot

Jason Statham plays a bodyguard named Nick Wild with grandiose dream. He wishes to earn $500,000 and go live on a boat in Corsica. He is lethal as a body guard but he has some issues also such as gambling and vodka addictions. He ends up fighting a mob at the start of the movie for an old girlfriend. The mob boss is now after Nick who is readying himself for one last blackjack game to fulfil his life-long dream. He seems to be doing well on the blackjack table but because of his gambling problem he is not able to stop and walk away with his winnings – until the suspense of the last card on the table.

The good and the bad

Wild Card shows audiences a different side of Statham. It is not only fast car chases on the wild streets of Vegas. The casino scenes are focussed on the game and not just the glamour. It is more about a broody character and less about one fast-paced action scene after another as expected of a Statham flick. But fans might be disappointed as no scene is flashed out to showcase the character well. There is also no Las Vegas charm as portrayed in the movies. Statham fans must have expected bloody fights given as he plays a bodyguard in Vegas. But what we get is a few fight scenes and more wild action on the blackjack tables. After all it is Wild Card and not wild cars.

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