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Readers will enjoy going back in time and reflecting on classic movies such as the old James Bond series. Bond was known for his on-the-edge casino activities that left Viewers in a state of admiration – not only for his success at the casino tables, but also for surviving his many near death experiences.  You’ll be surprised how many times the game of Roulette has appeared in well-know movies from the past and the present.

European Roulette Gold

Because choosing a reliable online casino is important to all players, we’ve reviewed two casinos – Cabaret Club and Golden Riviera Casino, to give our readers insight into how a quality online casino can be defined. Reading this section of the guide will help players to choose online casinos that are best suited to their needs, which, in turn, will encourage greater success when playing.


Most people think there is no strategy for Roulette. This is not 100% true. In our Tips for players section, readers will discover and be able to incorporate great tactics into their game. When you’re playing against a house edge – any extra help for players should be learnt and adopted because strategy can definitely improve a player’s chances of winning.

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